Thursday, 16 June 2011

Give N taKe???

Salam...Give n Take..why we should give n take???why???from my view, we should give n take so that there is consideration among human community..but somehow,still there is a lot of people who called themselves human did not know how to give n take..for example,it happen in my working life..for ur information, i'm running a family is a tuition u all know,tuition class must be paid once u register right??there is one is not my intuition to insult or to what but it is just my unsatisfactory toward him..almost 3 months he did not pay the tuition fee..he still attends the classes but he did not pay..i already inform his parent but still,no response..what do you think??what should i do if u put urself in my place??the thing is, it is unfair to other students..should I terminate him??or should I ignore him??hmm..I'm in it his fault or his parent???

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